Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fired Up The Solar Oven Today

I cleaned up the solar oven, that I built from scrap last year, and roasted the last of this springs Yukon Gold Potatoes. They came out great. I had forgotten how amazingly well the oven works

Here are some links to some of the food we cooked last year.


cactus5225 said...

Freeman you are a genius. Send out the plans for this thing and I will try to make one.

Wildmud said...

Well, there aren't any plans as such. I took the closest thing to a steel box that I had and built a wooden box about 2" bigger all around. I stuffed the cavity with insulation and used a picture frame to hold a tempered piece of glass for the door. I made a door gasket and some reflectors which I eventually covered with some cheap Wal Mart mirrors. here,s a link to the build.

Here's some designs that all seem to work. http://www.solarcooking.org/plans/default.htm

Look up Solar Oven or Solar Cooking on Youtube. There's lots of info out there.

Annie Khan said...

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