Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dog Daze On Ebay

One of the "Dog Daze Of Summer 2011".
Say, "Howdy", to Doody. Doody is in trouble again. Maybe if he just looks cute and innocent no one will notice. Maybe he can blame the cat. He's looking a little worried right now. 
I only charge for the jug. I do not charge for the doggy doody. You might say it's "Doody Free". Lol...

Old Dog, New Trick
 One of the "Dog Daze Of Summer 2011". 

Well, it's not really a new trick. It's just a new trick for this old dog. Old dogs are pretty smart or they would never survive to be OLD dogs.

1 comment:

Lenore62 said...

ha!ha!ha! i like particulary the first dog(with his shit).