Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Potters Cats.

   In perusing other potters blogs I can't help but notice the great number of potters who have studio cats. Cats and potters seem to be a perfect match. Most of our activities as potters are fairly quiet and centered around a wheel or a table. Cats can relax and just be with us for hours and just "hang out". They can help with the vermin too.

  Currently we have two cats. One is a studio cat (Princess) and one a house cat (Rascal). They are cool critters.

  Princess is my constant studio companion. I inherited her when my mother passed away. She is at least 10 years old and she believes she's my mother. If I go out in the rain or snow she scolds me. In recently walked to the mail box in a small thunderstorm,  Princess came out after me even though she is afraid of lightning. She scolded me all the way to the shop. If a stray dog or cat wander up she positions herself  between me and the intruder. She's a great cat that doesn't demand affection all the time. She is just content to observe all the activity from the workbench and offer her opinion from time to time. She likes visitors (especially men).

This piece was called "The Contagious Yawn" . Even Princess caught one.

"The Wolfman!. Run Princess, Run!!"

"He's ridiculous."

Princess gives her opinion of more cats in the studio.

"What the hell is that thing?"

"Time for a nap."

My wife, Cathy found Rascal under a bush when he was just a few days old. She bottle fed him and took care of him just like a mother cat would. Rascal is now 4 years old and 20 pounds He still thinks Cathy is his mother.
Rascal at 6 weeks.

Rascal now. He got into the habit of jumping on my shoulders and draping himself around my neck  and having me take him for a ride. He still does this but now weighs 20 pounds.

He won't touch meat but will mug you for a donut or a cookie.

He's a big "Teddy Bear" cat.

Friday, September 24, 2010

"The Royal Family". An assemblage.

This is a wall piece called, "The Royal Family".  it is about 24" x20" on wood and is composed of found objects and acrylic paint. It is meant to invoke the feel of an archeological excavation of a royal tomb. It has real jade, turquoise, silver, amethyst and about 50 cents in change as well as lots of other found items.

The King has a fork scepter,24 cents, a headdress of rifle shells, some amethyst and a beer bottle cap proclaiming that he is king of Beers.

The Queen has real Jade earrings, silver necklace and boobs.

The Son has a marble and 26 cents.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Go Ahead, Make My .....

Back to work on the first day of Fall. I'm exploring ways to incorporate a wider variety of facial types in my face jugs. This guy came out looking like a cross between Clint Eastwood and Patrick Swayze (that is what I see). I was just trying to sculpt a longer face with high cheek bones. "Do ya feel lucky, punk? ...Well, do ya?