Monday, December 26, 2016


More sculptures in my "Oklayhoma" series. Mostly made from local wild clays, The shapes are thrown on the wheel, distorted and sanded smooth and coated with terra sigillata. The terra sigillata is made from clays that I collect in the wilds of southern Oklahoma.. After burnishing they are fired in saggars with combustibles, salts, oxides and sulphates. Each ingredient adds it's own distinctive effect. The results are mostly unpredictable and unique. The fired pieces are assembled, sealed and buffed with wax to a soft shine.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Colonel Sanders

Da Funk Is Back. A MILESTONE JUG. Number 200

"Colonel Sanders, Chicken Of The South."

It seems that while his troops were engaged in a pitched battle the Colonel was getting "fried" in the local tavern.
He wasn't alone. There were several other officers present in that tavern. There was Captain Nail, he was getting hammered. General Walls, getting plastered.
Any resemblance between this fictitious character and any Colonel Sanders living, dead, or being played by Norm Macdonald, is purely coincidental and just a little ridiculous.

A MILESTONE JUG. Number 200 and only the second rooster I have ever made.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Natures Blessing

"Natures Blessing"... On its way to Goddard Center's juried exhibition.
It was hand built, from wild mud, coated with Terra Sigillata, buffed and saggar fired. No glaze is used.
This is from a greater body of work I'm calling, "Oklayhoma". The pieces will all be made from wild mud, hand dug and processed in Oklahoma. My goal is to use native materials, processes and alternative firing methods to produce a contemporary body of sculpture, marrying the ancient and the modern. This first series is under the subheading "Red River Narrative" this series will be comprised of pieces made from materials sourced within 50 miles of the Red River.