Monday, February 8, 2010

In The Beginning

I guess I've always been an Artist. I remember being two years old playing beside the creek on our old farm. I would make mud balls and stick branches in them for arms and legs. I would make entire communities of "Mud People". I didn't turn pro until age 8. I sold a drawing of a horse to a classmate for a nickel so he could use it to impress a girl.

I've been a professional potter and sculptor for over 39 years. I apprenticed at "Mud in Your Eye" Pottery" in Los Gatos Calif. for several years before founding my own, "Big Muddy River Pottery" in 1971.

My survival as an apprentice potter dictated that I make face mugs and sculptural pots almost from the start. There were several other apprentices and it was our job to stock the gallery with our work. We were paid for the pieces that sold each month. If one made a pot that was a good seller the others soon copied the success. I found that the others were just not willing to spend the time to copy sculpted work.

I had found my niche!

I have enjoyed giving personality to raw mud for all these years.

I have decided to revive Big Muddy River Pottery,
for one more "Farewell Tour". Since we now live on the Red River, we'll call it, "Wild Mud On The Red". I may continue for one year, two years, or I may retire at any time.

Thanks for your patronage and support through the years.

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