Thursday, May 27, 2010

"B.P Slick", Petroleum Monster (in progress)

"B.P. Slick" is a face jug in progress. He will be glazed with a dark amber over the black underglaze and will look like crude oil.

What if there were a dangerously  greedy, corrupt, mindless, careless monster in the bottom of the sea? What if it rose to the surface and devoured every life form for hundreds of miles in every direction?  Suppose that it ruined everything it touched, destroying birds fish mammals crustaceans and  even people and their livelihoods.
Even a fairy tale monster like that would be scary. Unfortunately this monster is REAL!!!!
It was released in the Gulf of Mexico by dangerously  greedy, corrupt, mindless, careless people in April 2010..

Birds and fish mired in crude

Birds at the mercy of a monster

Dolphins and fish


Teeth in rows like the oil drill bits.

This is what the glaze will look like.

Making this commemorative jug follows a long tradition of artists using their art to comment on  current events.
We used to make a lot of social commentary art in the 1960's and 70's. Maybe it's time to revive the practice.

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