Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Old Dog New Slick

I made a house call today to the home of  one of my biggest  sculpture collectors (thank you Cheryl)  to spruce up one of my dog junk sculptures. He was a bit crusty from being in the sprinkler often, while doing his job of greeting guests outside the front door. A little wire brushing and a new coat of  spar varnish and he was looking like a young pup again. I called him "Beamer," when I made him, because he was cut out of an old I-Beam with an Acetylene Torch. The ball is steel, the nose is a trailer hitch and the butterfly on his spring  tail was cut from a stainless steel shelf. The ears are an antique hinge. It was fun seeing him again. He shares yard duty with several other pieces of my  sculpture.


"Garden Lady". Old lawn mower and other parts.

John "Hoppin Good Listin". (hoppin' on one leg and listin' to the side) one legged, left handed guitar picker. All antique parts.

Weathervane made with antiques that were important to the collector.

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