Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jug Of Souls

Some people claim that the purpose of the early Face Jugs in this country were to scare the kids so they would stay out of Pappy's Moonshine. I don't necessarily believe that but I do believe that the contents of those jugs snared the spirits of many people through the ages.
52 hopeless souls (one for every Saturday night of the year) encircle this jug, forever bemoaning their fate.

 Made from thrown stoneware, sculpted by hand, glazed with my Cobalt blue ash glaze, and high fired in my homemade kiln, to 2300f.

The faces were pushed out from the inside then carved and sculpted.


Cazz said...

This is absolutely fabulous. I live your work in general, but I have a real love of skully/gothic things.
It's really inspired me. I've been working on a pinched and coiled Salt Pig. It's now covered in little skulls and will be glazed with a high maganese glaze on the outside (matt and slighted mottled dark brown and a bright yellow/orange glaze on the inside. The skulls are a mix of buff clay with chrome oxide, so I'm hoping for marbled skulls. Keep up the fantastic work.

HolyDemon said...

Im about like "Cazz" (up there) I love skulls, since I was a kid I have. I've never been into pottery,but I keep a lot of "dust collector" things on a shelf in my room. and if I had any of the pottery you've made I'll tell ya it'd never be used.
I only looked at 2 pages of your blog,but thats all I have to see to know you can make wonderful things. Well I'ma go look at some more. Can't' help it.

Thanks for showing it!