Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't Amount To Beans

Title: " It Don't Amount To Beans"
Or : "Do I Look Like Some Kind Of Fool ?"

Inflation is rampant. The tricks the manufacturers and retailers use to fool us would impress Houdini himself. Packages that contained a pound now only contain 13oz. Your favorite national brand of peanut butter indented the bottom of their jars so they contain 2 oz. less.. Most of the ice cream that was a gallon is now three quarts. Some cereal boxes are the same height and width but the depth has gotten skinnier. The list goes on and on.
My "Aha!" moment happened a couple of weeks ago when I purchased a packet of garden bean seeds for $1. When I opened them there were EIGHT seeds. These were not magic bean seeds just plain old Blue Lake Beans from a national seed supplier. It was like a fairy tale (where Jack trades the cow for a hand full of beans)
I suddenly realized that dollar was practically worthless.
So, I made a jug about it. Please note: the bottom is indented so it will probably only hold

3 1/2 quarts instead of one gallon. Hey, that's inflation for you. The dollar is included.

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