Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Of My Pieces On Etsy

Swinging Cat Bird Feeder

Black/blue and white striped Tabby sitting on a treated wooden swing. Curled tongue is a perfect bird rest. It is hand thrown, high-fired stoneware. There is a drain hole in the bottom so it won't fill with rain. Poly Rope won't rot in the weather . It is about 10 in. high and 6 in. wide. It holds about 4 cups of seed. It is signed on the bottom.

Medium Piggy Bank

THIS LITTLE PIGGY BANK is hand-thrown, high-fired stoneware.It started as a thrown shape that was dropped, paddled distorted and otherwise coaxed into it's present configuration. It is signed on the bottom and has a stopper.
Fill This little pig with quarters and he will
"Bring Home The Bacon".
He is about 7 1/2 in. tall and 51/2 in.wide. Drop your spare change in the mouth . It has a stopper in the bottom .

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