Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some Pieces From Obvara Firing at Raku Rendezvous

Here are some of the Obvara fired pieces from Raku Rendezvous last Saturday


Ron Mello Studio Pottery plus said...

Love this, Can't wait to try it, Thanks Freeman.

Wildmud said...

It's a kick. like not having to clean the piece before sealing. When it comes out of the quench it is kinda slippery, with wheat paste I assume. But this dries quickly and does some sealing on the pot. I sealed mine with krylon satin. Now to find a way to control the effects.

Ron Mello Studio Pottery plus said...

Thanks for the information Freeman, Did my first Obvara firing yesterday. Not having read your statement here, I tried to clean the pieces by scrubbing, ruined them. The last pieces dried before I could ruin them. Learning control will be fun. Was in your neck of the woods last week. I wish I had the time to stop by.