Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Hog Snout Amplifier

The “Hog Snout” amplifier:
Several months back I needed an amplifier for my growing collection of cigar box and home made guitars. Since face jugs are what I do I decided to make an amplifier from one. There is an practice amp called a “Pignose “ amp. When I purchased the electronic wiring harness for my amp it was advertised as being like a “Pignose on steroids” So I thought I should make a wild hog jug and call it a “Hog Snout” amp.

The jug is large and is composed of two thrown parts sculpted together. It was made bottomless and lots of holes were cut to let out as much sound as possible. A 5” speaker was fixed to a plywood base and stands vertically just behind the open mouth. It is covered with black speaker cloth to disguise it. I hammered out a copper sheet that is bolted on the back to hold all the knobs and jacks etc. This amp will run off a 9v battery for a short while or will run off A.C current. His right eye lights up when he is turned on. (just like me).

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