Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shotgun Boogie Man

I got a new shotgun for Christmas last year.
I decided to explore it's creative potential by blasting away at some clay.
Deciding what to make for a target was the hard part.

years ago I made "Dad Blasted Cactus Lamps".
I assembled thrown clay parts into cacti and blasted them w
ith Ol' Betsy. I got in trouble with environmentalists in
Ariz. for encouraging people to shoot poor defenseless cactus (it seems that it's a problem there).

A while back I was listening to some old Rock a Billy tunes
when they played "Shotgun Boogie" (Johnny Horton)
and the idea clicked. I decided to make some "Shotgun
Boogie Men" for my blasted jugs! I mean , most
people don't like the devil and even if you killed him it
would only make him mad. He's even sporting a shotgun shell
ear ring.

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