Friday, July 23, 2010

New Kiln First Firing

First pieces fired in the new raku kiln are out today. It was a successful firing. With a few minor adjustments it will be even better. I have already bored the orifice in the burner to the next size and am increasing the flue hole by an inch. Overall it was a good firing. It was not a great day to be fooling with a raku kiln (98f. and 60% humidity). Two liters of  homemade Root Beer made it bearable and a a pint of homemade cider capped off the day (11% alcohol).

Kiln all set to fire.

The layout. Kiln, reduction container. kiln shelf on a stand to sit the kiln chamber on while loading and unloading. Pots , tongs and miscellaneous junk.

Potters Hint: For all the reduction material you may ever need just order one small thing from Oriental Trading. A new catalog will arrive about twice a week. Reduction delivered right to your mail box!

"Long Dead Fred" loaded in the kiln.

Fred still red hot and ready to be reduced.

"Snakey Jake" the sewer Troll. Still glowing.


Ron Mello Studio Pottery plus said...

Nice kiln. Just the right size.. I might need to khire the sewer

Until We Bead Again, Beth Murr said...

Do you use different types of clay in your Raku kiln or just Raku clay?

Wildmud said...

Thanks Ron. I just needed a smallish kiln for jugs. I like to fire them one at a time.

Beth, I use several clays but mostly a cone 10 groggy white stoneware.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the new kiln. I think I want an even smaller one. Tell me, how long did the fireing take? How many glazes do you have?

Wildmud said...

Check out Paul the Potters blog. (There's a link on my blog) He built what appears to be a smaller kiln.
It took about an hour to fire the first piece and about 20 to 30 minutes each after that. I currently have about 4 basic glazes and I use underglazes and stains to extend the pallet.