Saturday, July 24, 2010

Snakey Jake Sewer Troll

A couple of weeks ago our kitchen sink stopped up. I tried everything I knew to fix it myself but after three failed attempts at snaking the drain myself I finally had to admit defeat and call a pro. You have no idea how much this galls me. I'm pretty handy and calling help is tantamount to a defeat in my book.
 I mentioned on Facebook that I needed a sewer troll to come magically solve my problems. I think Ron Mello suggested I should make a jug about that.. I mulled it over and finally decided that a troll could indeed solve my problem . Not only that but a home made troll would salvage some of my wounded pride as well. "Snakey Jake" was born.  His sale will pay the plumber. Truly a do-it-yourself solution!  I almost feel the cold dead breath of Ed Roth on my neck after sculpting this one.

Snakey Jake is a member of Troll Union Rooter Division or T.U.R.D for short. He was sculpted by hand from wheel-thrown parts and raku fired.

He has a plumbers snake-like nose and a plunger stopper, that is thrown stoneware as well.

He is holding a snake and has yellow teeth and a slimey green tongue.

He has a shit-eating grin and an old stogie he found in the sewer.

His delicate extended pinky marks him as a Troll of breeding. A real "Con-A-Sewer"

Of course, he has a plumbers butt crack.

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Ron Mello Studio Pottery plus said...

Love this guy. Is he for hire?