Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Food Chain, Raku Sculpture

Raku fired mixed media sculpture.
Different points of view on the same event.
The bug shrieks, "Oh S***"! The frog croaks, "yumm"!

He was made from thrown stoneware, sculpted by hand and raku fired in my homemade raku kiln. He was fired to 2000 f. then removed hot from the kiln and reduced in a smoky atmosphere with old paper and leaves. This process results in a rich and varied glaze surface. He has all sorts of textures colors and crackly details. He is definitely an original. The legs are made of recycled steel and are welded to the base. The frog slips onto the legs without the use of glues or adhesives. The tongue is made from some old corrugated sheet metal that flew in on a passing tornado in the 90's. The surprised bug is made of fired stoneware, wire and window screen. 21" tall and 20" deep.

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