Friday, April 9, 2010

Olde Scrumpie Raku Jug

Olde Scrumpie The Cider Goblin..... I heard that my potter friends in the U.K were being unfairly taxed on their cider by a fella with the unlikely name of "Darling". I made Olde Scrumpie to help protect them from this grievous injustice. Scrumpie hides in the dark recesses of pubs and cider mills waiting for the tax man. When he shows up for his due Scrumpie leaps out of the shadows with a horrible roar. If his hideous face isn't enough to send the tax man running back to London, Scrumpie's sharp snagly teeth will take a big bite out of his backside. (At least a 10% bite)
After all, turn about is fair play!
Scrumpie was thrown on the potters wheel from stoneware clay and was sculpted by hand. After several layers of slips and stains were applied he was bisqued then glazed with a clear crackle raku glaze and fired . He has lots of color, texture and and crackly goodness .

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