Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Augh! Augh! Augh!," As Tim, "The Tool man", Taylor would say.

Still working on the solar cookers. The latest is a real "macho" cooker. I covered a satellite dish with chrome vinyl and pointed it at the sun. At the focal point of the parabolic curve it gets hot enough to set fire to anything flammable. I will make a rack below this point so the sun strikes the side of the pot heating it to cooking temp in a hurry. You might think of this as a solar burner. It will fry or boil in about the same time as an electric range. This might be the best use of a TV dish ever.

Sun Day's dinner was the holy grail of solar cooking, the three pound roast beef. It was cooked in the box cooker and was done in three hours. It was the best, most tender roast I have ever had.

That's "Good Eats"

Blueberry cobler baked Saturday

Salmon and broccoli  for  Saturday's  dinner.

We cooked the rice in the panel cooker

Rice in the panel cooker.


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Lisa said...

Just discovered your blog today while doing a google search for solar ovens. Did you by chance post another time about the finished project of the tv dish solar cooker? What creativity! God Bless.