Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GIZMO Raku Fried Steampunk Jug.

Title: " Gizmo "
The Steampunk Gearhead Robot Clown.
Raku Fried stoneware and mixed media.

Comment : The last clowns I made were done over 20 years ago. They were "terminally cute". I swore, at the time, to never make another clown. Gizmo is a little different though. He is a robot clown with lots of gears, rivets, screws, guages etc. He was thrown on the potters wheel from stoneware clay, then sculpted by hand. He has a lot of detail (lots of hours making rivets, screws, nuts and more. He was then fired in my homemade raku kiln . The glazes are really spectacular. They have lots of copper and gold flashing and go from turquoise to dark green with areas of dark lustrous metallic blues and purples. The pictures don't do justice to the piece. After firing, found pieces were added to complete the robot look. One eye is an old typewriter ball with a peep hole (from the front door) for a pupil. Hair is brass wire and the steam gauge has a real antique pocket watch crystal.

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