Monday, August 16, 2010

The Proof Is In Banana Bread?

Update: Baked a loaf of artisan bread in the solar oven today. I preheated the oven and the dutch oven in the sun then added the bread dough. It took about 1 1/2 hrs to bake. As you can see by the picture it wasn't a prime solar day (hazy and partly cloudy). It baked just fine anyway.

Cooked for the first time today in my just completed solar oven . Baked Brownies followed by a quick Banana Bread. It worked even BETTER than I expected!
the oven constructed from recycled materials.

Preheated the oven in the sun for about an hour then loaded the first pan of brownies

Brownies rose quickly and evenly

40 minutes later.......Perfect chewy moist brownies!

Cathy mixed up a quick Banana Bread batter to test how the oven would work with lighter colored ingredients.

The bread rose evenly in about 20 minutes.

It baked 1hour and 15 minutes. It achieved an internal temperature of 200f. and browned evenly. It remained moist and delicious.
Cooking times were about 1/3 longer than with a conventional oven but  the quality was better.

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