Sunday, August 21, 2011

40 Years Of Pottery Tools

Cleaning the studio the last few days. I only do this about every five years. Here is a 40 year accumulation of hand tools. Strange thing is that I have only selected and purchased about 10 of them. The rest have been "donated" by other potters who gave up, left by past students or were included when I purchased a used kiln or bought out someones glaze materials. I only use about 9 of them and most of those are improvised tools or other repurposed objects

I have sorted them (again). 1. There are tools for throwing  2. Tools for throwing I actually use.  3. tools for shaping sculpting and finishing. 4. tools for texturing. 5. back up tools in case I can't find the tool I need at the time. 6. Tools that I have no idea what they would be used for, but they are cool to look at.

It seems weird to me that so many things that are intended for other purposes can be used for pottery but pottery tools are pretty much limited to making pottery. Some tools made for pottery don't even seem to be very well suited for that purpose either :)

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