Friday, August 19, 2011

Saga Of A Meatloaf

2:00 PM.: Meatloaf catching a few rays in the solar oven. He's slathered in homemade Catsup. Surely this will protect him from the Sun.

3:30 PM. : Meatloaf fell asleep in the Sun. Now he's cooked. Looks a lot like George Hamilton.

4:00 PM.: Meatloaf invited to dinner."What are we having?", he asks."Meatloaf", the host answers."OH NOOOO!", cries Meatloaf.

4:15 PM.: Turns out Meatloaf was a most agreeable dinner guest. "Burrrp!". "Pardon me."

So good that we will invite his "Better Half" for sandwiches tomorrow.

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