Wednesday, August 24, 2011

M. Dauber, Flighty Sculptor.

Here is a sculpture by a local ceramic sculptor. She shares my studio without my permission, uses the clay in my scrap bucket and  never pays a cent for rent or materials. I should say something to her but she's rather flighty and buzzes around the studio all day. Oh well, she doesn't use much material and builds beautiful architectural works and leaves them in out of the way places around the studio.

Actually, this is the nest of the Mud Dauber or Dirt Dauber Wasp. In times of drought, like we are having now, they come into the studio and land on my throwing water bucket and gather clay from my recycle bins. I don't mind. They are docile and they build some great clay works.


Linda Starr said...

I love those mud daubers and their nests, like air fairies.

Sleeping Village Pottery said...

Have you ever fired one of the old nests? Since she is using clay from your recycle bucket, it would certainly be possible.