Monday, August 8, 2011

What Is This

It is actually a batch of Terra Sigillata made from some clay I dug.The clay is deflocculated and allowed to settle for 20 hrs . then the top 1/2 of the slip is siphoned off and the rest is discarded The watery slip is thickened through evaporation until right for use. The screen is there to keep out bugs, rodents. small children and other pests. Terra Sigillata is delicious with pasta and garlic dishes.

Terra sigillata is a very smooth, lustrous coating of clay which resembles a glaze and is virtually waterproof. The name means "sealed earth" and has been used to refer to the Classical Greek Attic black-figure and red-figure painted pottery.

These days, the name terra sigillata is used to refer to an especially fine coating of clay applied to a ceramic piece. For my work only the finest coatings need be applied.

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HolyDemon said...

so i finally read your banner picture -- the " farewell tour"... so you're stopping it all? well guess i can't say it like that. I know you have not done a post in....4 months...I think?...

but everything was rather grand, i mean your potting skills,wood working, hell and some cooking...i like that too (cooking, i love my chilli) and your humor is great...

but if it all ends, guess this page will still be here huh?...
i think its better then the page i have, mines just my views, seeing a old world better.

im sure you enjoyed the "40 years" of it'll always be beautiful workman ship.

I hope all is well,