Friday, August 5, 2011

A Very Weird Day

A VERY WEIRD DAY.... I saw the doctor without an appointment and without waiting! Then, Got mugged at Wal Mart!

I stopped by the doctors office to see if by some miracle I could get an appointment Monday. When I walked in the waiting room was empty and the doctor was just hanging out with nothing to do. I was in and out in just a few minutes. Weird Huh?

I then went to Wal Mart, for prescriptions, where I was accosted by the first person I saw.

I parked in my usual space near the garden section. I consider this my stealth entry and checkout area. Only people who don't really want to be at Wal Mart use this entrance. While still in my truck sorting out my prescriptions and shopping list I noticed a "lady" coming out of the store. She was fumbling with her purse not really paying much attention to where she was going. She walked up to my drivers side door and opened it while still looking in her purse. In my cheeriest voice I said, "Hello".

She looked up, panicked, screamed and started flailing me with her purse. I took her purse away from her then closed and locked my door. I didn't want her to produce a pistol or mace from inside it. After all. this is Oklahoma and lots of women are "Packing Heat" (especially at Wal Mart). She finally realized that it was not her truck. She stood dumbfounded for a few seconds mulling over the events of the last minute or so in her mind. You could actually see the gears spinning in her head. "Oh My God, this is not my truck"! she shouted. "Bingo", I said, while cautiously lowering the window half way. "My purse"! "Where is my purse"? she was searching the ground frantically. "Last time I saw it it was upside my head", I offered. I let her panic a few seconds longer before producing it. I sneaked a peek inside just to make sure she didn't indeed have a gun, then handed it back to her through the half open window. She apologized profusely and was very embarrassed by the situation. "Good", I thought.  We laughed and Parted company. The rest of my Wal Mart visit wasn't nearly as much fun

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